Fixed Price

Return of Recovered Files


We offer various methods of returning your data, these include dedicated door to door emergency driver, UPS and other tracked courier and postal services or internet protocol based transmission (email, FTP, online storage drives).


Our standard data recovery validation procedure

  • In order to confirm a successful recovery a full file list is made from the recovered data held on our server.
  • The automated process produces a full report detailing file and folder names, directory structure and the condition of the individual file.
  • This speeds up identifying if a particular file has been flagged as corrupt or affected by any unrecoverable bad sectors.
  • We ensure you are happy with the results.
  • Only then do we raise our invoice.


Data is returned to you by the following methods

  • Bootable clone
  • External storage USB / FireWire / NAS
  • Memory stick or card
  • DVD upto 20GB
  • Major Backup upto 20GB
  • Dropbox upto 2GB
  • Email attacment upto 10Mb
  • Secure FTP


Repair or replacement of computer equipment

  • Insurance claims
  • Server Upgrades
  • Data Migration
  • Data Storage Advice